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Made It. Proved It.

Group Challenges

Achieve your personal goals with friends, family, co-workers and teammates around the world.

Action Plans

Simple daily actions crafted and delivered by leading experts to help you achieve everyday.

Social Proof!

Hold yourself accountable by proving it with photos, location checkins, and more.

Make Your Daily Move

Stick to your action plan by making it before midnight, or take an off day!

Avoid Consequences

Miss too many moves and everyone has to own up to the challenge, with proof!


Support your group of friends and peers while engaging with skillful coaches along the way.

A Simple Action Plan. Delivered Daily.

When you join a MakeMe Group Challenge, you’ll get an Action Plan with a simple action to perform for each day of the Challenge. We work with leading coaches and trainers to create our Action Plans. We keep things simple but stick to the plan and you’ll see results!

An Accountability Group for You.

Staying motivated is hard to do alone. That’s why every MakeMe Challenge includes a challenge group to help you stay committed. We’ve learned that sharing moments of achievement, seeing the achievements of others, and giving or getting encouragement when times get tough all increase your ability to succeed. With MakeMe, you’re not in it alone, we’re all in it together.

Real Friends. Real Achievement.

Because MakeMe is all about small group play with close friends, intimate sharing occurs. Social pressure sees to it that you feel both the need to achieve and the value of achieving your actions. Meanwhile, MakeMe does the heavy lifting for asynchronous game play, meaning you can connect with your closest friends, family, cool co-workers, no matter where they are on the planet.

Featured Challenges

Platform for Coaches & Trainers

Host your own group challenges on MakeMe. Promote your brand and grow your business.

Available on Popular Mobile Platforms

Your clients are on mobile and with a MakeMe challenge, your business will be too. MakeMe is available on iOS and Android, the two most popular mobile platforms.

Public or Private Groups

MakeMe challenges are passcode protected so you control who gets in. Keep things private or make it public and add your challenge to our gallery.

Valuable New Revenue Streams

Add a group challenge to your offerings and increase opportunities to engage existing clients while broadening your ability to acquire new customers.

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